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AmeriSpec of Calgary North West & Red Deer has been an AmeriSpec home inspector providing home inspection expertise since 2008, so with that kind of experience they're able to answer almost any question you have.
To answer your questions immediately, we've prepared these easy to print PDF files on a wide range of home systems and maintenance topics below.

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    Calgary Home Inspection

  • Asbestos → Info about asbestos and health considerations
  • Fire Safety → Tips on dryer vents, basement apartments and smoke detectors
  • HRV → Info on Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Mould → Factors affecting mould growth, terminology
  • Pests → Typical pests, health and safety, building damage
  • Renewable Energy → Information on what renewable energy is and implementation into the home
  • Smart Meters → Different power meters and how they save you money
  • UFFI → About Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation
  • Vermiculite → What it is and how to treat it

Industry Topics

Major Systems

  • Electrical Capacity → Electrical requirements, ungrounded outlets, scorched wires
  • Furnace → Increasing efficiency, underground fuel oil storage tanks
  • Keeping Cool → Reducing temperature, central air conditioning, maintenance
  • Plumbing → Info on plastic and lead water distribution, galvanized distribution systems
  • Septic Tanks → Info on septic systems
  • Water Heaters → Info on conventional, tank less, solar and water heaters
  • Wood Burning Stoves → Info on features, installation, maintenance

The Building Envelope

  • Roofs → Info on life spans, layers of shingles, ice build-up
  • Chimney → Information on chimney types and their maintenance
  • Decks → Info on deck supports and building permits
  • Foundations → Understanding a Home's structure before buying
  • Fuel → Fuel oil tank regulations, insurance issues
  • Pools → Various options and considerations for pools
  • Air Sealing → Common causes of high heating bills, drafts
  • Security Systems → Information on various security systems
  • Ventilation → Requirements, natural ventilation, mechanical types
  • Water Treatment → Information on types of water treatment systems
  • Water Quality → Information on water quality
  • Wet Basement → Unfinished basements, older homes, conflicting repair costs
  • Windows → Info on condensation, older wood windows, window types
  • ecoENERGY → Information on the popular Federal grant program which qualifies homeowners for grants for energy efficient upgrades.